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Nominations for the 2020 Saskatchewan Muncipal Awards are now open!

Awards will be presented to the top three projects that have shown innovation and betterment for the municipality. Following are just a few examples of different topics and areas that projects could be awarded for:

  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Leadership
  • Recreation
  • Economic
  • Engaging Youth
  • Inventions
  • Human Resources
  • Housing
  • Public Health
  • Protective Services
  • Planning and Development
  • Partnerships
  • Public Relations
  • Transportation
  • Immigration
  • Tourism
  • the list is endless…

An additional award, titled the "Regional Cooperation", will be given out to urban and rural municipalities working together on a project. If you’re working alongside another municipality to achieve a common goal – this award is for you!

Submitting Your Nomination 

  • The deadline for submitting nominations will be September 4, 2020

  • Submissions must be electronically completed using the following form:

2020 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards Nomination Form

  • The total length of each nomination package is limited to eight pages, not including cover letters.
  • We encourage the submission of pictures of the project that is being nominated. This is helpful for the Selection Committee to visualize the outcomes and what was achieved.
  • Once the nomination form is complete, they can be submitted to E-mail is the preferred method for submitting nominations.
  • You may also submit your nomination by:

Saskatchewan Municipal Awards
Unit 305 - 4741 Parliament Ave.
Regina, SK. S4W 0T9

Attn: Saskatchewan Municipal Awards

Evaluation Process

After the deadline, all nominations will be provided to the Selection Committee for review and consideration. The Selection Committee will then decide the top three initiatives as well as the winner of the Regional Cooperation award.

The Selection Committee for the 2020 Awards is made up of non-biased, distinguished individuals within the municipal community listed below. 

  • Loretta Young (former administrator for the RM of Longlaketon No.219 and the Village of Earl Grey);
  • Jim Scarrow (former Mayor of Prince Albert and former Vice-President of Cities for SUMA);
  • Don Taylor (former Board member of SARM);
  • Wendy Gowda (current administrator for the RM of LeRoy and Past President of RMAA);
  • Malcolm Eaton (for Mayor of Humboldt and former Vice-President of Cities for SUMA); and
  • Keith Schneider (former Executive Director of SUMA).


Have questions? No problem!

Questions regarding any part of the nomination process can be directed to Katee Galandy by email or phone: 306-525-4398.