Sponsoring Partners

The SMA program was created by organizations in 2006 to promote examples of service excellence and innovation that can be looked at as potential models by other municipalities. Much of the success of this program lies in the excellent partnerships among municipal associations and the Provincial Government all working towards an achievable objective: to recognize and celebrate excellence and innovation on the part of Saskatchewan’s municipalities.

Thank you to our 2020 Program Sponsor, Affinity Credit Union! 



The Saskatchewan Municipal Awards are made possible through the following program partners:

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) www.sarm.ca  

SARM is the voice of rural Saskatchewan and is focused on delivering timely, dependable programs and services to meet the needs of its members while influencing government policy and facilitating municipalities to work together to foster rural development and build strong, sustainable communities.

Municipalities of Saskatchewan www.munisask.ca

Municipalities of Saskatchewan is the voice of Saskatchewan hometowns whose members include cities, towns, villages, northern municipalities, and resort communities. 

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations www.gr.gov.sk.ca

The Ministry of Government Relations is responsible for municipal relations, public safety, and First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs. The ministry engages a diverse range of partners and stakeholders to: plan for and respond to the opportunities and challenges of growth; provide leadership and direction so that integrated public services are available to communities and their residents; and support responsible governments.



Special thanks is given to the New North, the Rural Municipal Administrators’ Association of Saskatchewan (RMAA) and the Urban Municipal Administrator Association of Saskatchewan (UMAAS) who provide regular guidance and feedback to the SMA program.