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What are the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards?

Click here - this video sums it up!

Where is it held and on what dates?

The 2019 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards Presesentations will be held in Regina at the SARM Mid-term Convention and SUMA Annual Convention. The urban municipalities will receive their awards at the SUMA Convention and the rural municipalities will receive their awards at the SARM Midterm Convention. 

The award presentation at the SARM Midterm Convention is on November 13, 2019 and at the SUMA Convention on February 4, 2020.

What types of projects are awarded?

Awards are presented to the top three overall municipal initiatives who have demonstrated innovation and betterment for a municipality in any areas such as environment, heritage, capacity building, etc. An additional award, the "Regional Cooperation Award", will  profile rural and urban municipalities working together to achieve a cooperative project. 

What are some examples of the types of projects that would be considered for a municipal award?

Please see the Award Winners page to view previous winners to get an idea of the types of projects that are awarded. You can also visit the Best Practices Library for more detailed information.

What is the criteria to apply?

All Saskatchewan municipal practices initiated in 2004 or later are eligible for an award, including projects involving multiple municipalities. If your municipal project demonstrates any of the following then your municipality has what it takes to be a Saskatchewan Municipal Award Winner:

  • good governance;
  • effective management;
  • consistent public engagement;
  • innovation;
  • significance;
  • transferability;
  • sustainability; and
  • capacity building.

Where can I find an application form?

Nominations for the 2019 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards are now closed. 

How do I apply – is it easy?

Nominations for the 2019 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards now closed. The deadline to submit a nomination was September 6, 2019. The process is very easy - just download the nomination form, answer a few short questions, add in some pictures if you would like, and you’re done! Please keep submissions under eight pages long. 

Can I nominate myself?

Yes! You can nominate yourself or nominate a practice from a neighboring municipality that you have heard about and deserves credit!

Why should I apply? What do I win?

Submitting a nomination will give you the chance for provincial exposure and an opportunity to showcase and gain recognition for your municipality.

Winners will receive:

  • A professional video highlighting your community and showcasing your municipality's project (this works great as a free marketing tool for your community - add it to your community's website to showoff the great place that you live in!);
  • A trophy commemorating your municipal accomplishment; and
  • Exposure and recognition in front of hundreds of your municipal peers at the SUMA and SARM conventions - also known as, bragging rights!

When can I apply? When is the deadline?

Nominations for the 2019 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards now closed. Check back in June 2020 to submit a nomination for the 2020 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards. 

Where do I send my completed application

Please send completed nominations for the 2019 Saskatchewan Municipal Awards to awards@municipalawards.ca.

Who selects the winners out of each category?

The Selection Committee for 2019 awards were made up of distinguished individuals that have shown involvement within the community. 

  • Jim Scarrow (former Mayor of Prince Albert and former Vice-President of Cities for SUMA);
  • Don Taylor (former Board member of SARM);
  • Audrey Trombley (former President of RMAA);
  • Loretta Young (former Administrator for the RM of Longlaketon, No. 219 and the Village of Earl Grey)
  • Jeff Mulligan (managing Partner of ASTEC Group, and former Mayor of Lloydminster); and
  • Keith Schneider (former Executive Director of SUMA).

How do I become a sponsor of the SMAs?

If you are interested in supporting Saskatchewan excellence please contact:

Katee Galandy, Program Coordinator, at (306) 525-4398 or awards@municipalawards.ca .

Who do I call if I have any questions about the SMAs?

We are more than happy to help -  please do not hesitate to contact Katee Galandy, Program Coordinator, at (306) 525-4398 or awards@municipalawards.ca .